Wednesday, January 18, 2006

January 18th's Ebenezer

.... in these resent days of great hardship... I was reminded by a sweet Friend to give thanks. When tears streamed down my face because of great heart ache and internal pain she said to me, "Amy, what's one thing that you can give thanks to God for today? Even something small....." Her question hit me with a great pang. In a time when it's hard for you to see the sweetness and goodness of God, sometimes you have to be more purposefull about giving thanks.

Since that day I have tried to be purposeful about giving thanks to God for something even if it was something as small as the fresh winter air. Under the heading of "Thanksgiving" you will find an ebenezer for each day.... something that says, God has brought me thus far!.... and because of His faithfulness and goodness in that day, I will continue on in faith that He will gently lead like the Good Shephard that He is.

So here is today's ebenezer:
Thank you Godl for this day off from going to La Facultad de Lenguas and being able to just chill out and spend time with my family. I'm thankful for the cool weather that is quite different from the blazing hot days we've had recently. I'm thankful for David writting Psalm 90 and 91.


Eowyn's Heir said...

and I'm thankful that you reminded me to be thankful.

i love you muchisisisisismo!!!

...and xanga is so much better than blogspot... just kidding.

Eowyn's Heir said...

ps--this is Christina =D