Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Day in the Park

For Father's Day we went to a park and took a whole bunch of pictures of the Molina kids (Veronica, Claudio, Gimena, and Ivan). I think they turned out pretty good. Here is one of us and above you will see one of the rest of the crew. It turned out to be a hit though... Jorge loved it! SCORE for the pics!



Rachel said...

Nice photo! I am missing your photogaphy skills here . . . Grace Clint came over to play today and I took a few shots of she and Caleb playing in the back yard, but nothing like your quality. You two look very happy! Let's chat about that soon!

Ryan and Lydia said...

It kinda looks like Reedy River in the backgrought there!
I love you so much, let's talk soon.
By the way, I like your haircut.

Ryan and Lydia said...

PS Do you still have a screen name? I just got plugged back into the wonderful world of IM thanks to Nic. My new screen name is "Raingirl210"...nice huh? If you're ever on, we could chat, like the old days!

AE said...

hey lyd!!! long time... no talk!.... I take full blame. Yeah... I found a place that's not full of trash where I can take pictures... it's great!... the Molina's "photo shoot" was the first that I had tried there.... it's not quite like Reedy River... but... it's the closest thing to it. :) Love you guys big!!! I'm really missing you.

AE said...

Rachel... I saw the pics of Caleb and Grace...they were great! Little Caleb... isn't so little anymore!! I miss his little smile and laugh! Looks like you guys had a fun date with Melanie and Grace!!!