Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Las Tres Chicas

This is Cathi Selph on the left, me in the middle, and then Susana Ramos on the right.

We are standing downtown Santiago Chile. I know I haven't written anything about that trip yet.... sorry... sometimes I just get lazy in writting and don't keep you guys up to date on things. However, I do believe that most of you knew that I was going to Chile to meet up with Bob and Cathi Selph to help aid with communication in their visit with the Ramos Family. Thank you so much for your prayers for me and for that visit. I know many of you were praying for us.
I can affirm that the Spirit was definantly with us. In everything at every moment the Lord just seemed to bless things. The visit was of great profit for all, I believe. The Lord gave me an abundance of grace and linguistic ability in interpreting for Bob when he preached on Sunday and then in conversations between Bob,Cathi, Omar and Susana... and anyone else in the church... or who spoke Spanish. It was constant work... I´ll tell you that every night that I went to bed... my brain was DEAD.... but the Lord continued to give stamina and strength for each day. He gave me an extra hour of sleep or at least that's what I felt like... because Argentina is an hour ahead, the cold was no distracting... because it wasn't cold at all!!! AND... the Lord opened great doors and oppertunities to build relationships with Omar's daughters... which were three major prayer requests of mine... personally... I know some of them might seem rather minor... but I knew that they could have the potential of being distracting to me ... but the Lord even knows those small things and stoops to our weaknesses of sleep and body tempurature! What a KIND and GOOD God we serve!
On a greater scale... I believe that deep relationship ties were made between Bob, Cathi, Omar, and Susana... which was the primary goal... but I too was blessed in being able to build a sweet relationship with them. I left Chile feeling like I had gained two (specifically) good friends in Susana and Omar.... well maybe I should say three.... Daniel, their youngest little boy became a real close buddy of mine in those days! He was such a joy to play with!
In between all the conversations and visiting we had three highlights the first was Susana's Birthday! That was a blast. We got together with Omar's family and good friends of Susana's and just enjoyed one another's company with great laughter. The second highlight was the city tour including Cerro de Santa Lucia... which is a large park that is located downtown... it was beautiful... the third highlight was MiƱa del Mar.... the BEAUTIFUL sea cost of Chile. What a wonder! It was amazing to see the huge waves crash against the dark large rocks.... it was amazing.... and the sea food was pretty darn good too!
Well... I guess that would be the summary of the visit... although there are more details..... over all the Lord was good in knitting the hearts of brethren together and we had a blast in the mean time! To God be the Glory.

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Rachel said...


I am so glad that you had such a good time serving in that way. I knew you would enjoy connecting with the believers in Chili, but I am glad you had the opportunity to be and aid translating for Bob and Cathi. Proud of ya.