Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Big Nasty

yes... that's right... this post is titled the BIG NASTY... we've all been smitten with a big nasty cold for these past several days. Fever, chills, snotty noses.... not fun. I'm sorry I haven't posted much resently... I know many of you check my blog frequently and get disappointed when there's nothing... the same thing happens to me when I check yours! :)
To be honest there hasn't been a ton going on here. We've had a Baseball "mundial" (world cup) on nintendo.... that's been Ian's highlight, I think. Texas was the final winner last night.
This thursday Dad, Claudio, and I are leaving out for San Nicolás (a city close to Buenos Aires) to visit some believers there that are coming to the doctrines of grace. Dad is leading a bible study there... it's been really exciting to watch. The Lord is definantly working there. Dad has arranged to go and visit there once every couple of weeks.... and this week Claudio and I get to go. I'm looking forward to the trip.
hmm...what else... future days are going to be filled with translations and conference planning. We're planning a conference on the 5 points of calvinism for all pastors ... and anyone else interested this October..... ha...get this... it´s going to start on October 31... Day of the Reformation. But there is a lot of planning that will go into that... and as a completely NON-EXPERIENCED conference planner... I will be doing most of it. It is quite a challenge... but one I'm looking forward to.
Translations... well.. among random articles that I translate for mom and dad I've been working on the sunday school material that Mom and Veronica use in their classes. We've been talking about maybe starting to translate the GENESIS commentary by Nancy Ganz. I'm telling you... there is a HUGE lack of good literature in Spanish... maybe I might be able to help change that.

well... I think that's all for now. I will write later... but here is an updated post for all you regular viewers out there. Grace and Peace.
No reserve. No retreat. No regret.



Ryan and Lydia said...

I responded to your comment on Christina's blog...and it's to you and her, so I just wanted to let you know.
love you

AE said...

thanks lyd!

AE said...

Lydia... I listened to the Does thin equal beauty sermon by Dr. Welch. It was very good. something I needed to hear again, as i've gained weight and have been struggling in that area recently.
I love the name of God he uses through out that sermon. The Beautiful One.
The author, definer, and very essence of beauty.