Thursday, July 20, 2006


Here are some of Claudio's drawings. This is my favorite(right) . His specialties are his abilities using ink. This, for example, is all stippling... I think that's what it's called... or in spanish... it's called "tramas" which means the whole picture is drawn by lines, nothing is filled in, it's all done by little lines.
He's also very good with shadowing. It's amazing some of the drawings he has. Anyways... I thought some of you might enjoy looking at some of his things.


Ryan and Lydia said...

Cool ams! I really like that second one. Thanks for putting those up.
PS I posted a couple pics on our blog. =-)

Ryan and Lydia said...

Jo's present email address is She'd love to hear from you. She and I got to spend a lot of time together on her bday, it was a blast. What did you all do for Claudio's bday? What did you get him? You've always been a good gift giver.

melandaaron said...

Amy he is so talented, I cant believe that pic is all lines! You are both artisitc, what a cool thing!

Ryan and Lydia said...

I saw Jerusha yesterday at New Cov.'s picnic after chruch. She told me to tell you hey. I also wanted to let you know that Ryan and I took pictures of the condo after our one year anniversary dinner celebration. And we will soon be posting it on the blog...mainly for you guys to see.
Love you!

Eowyn's Heir said...

Ok, Amy...just because YOU have a boyfriend, and he can draw, does not excuse YOU, your highness, from posting! ;D
--christina...still in Louisville...only one more week!! :(