Tuesday, August 29, 2006

more good news....

Many of you knew that we had been rather nervous about getting Claudio's US visa in time for our trip in November.... well... yesterday we confirmed an interview at the embassy...which is typically hard to get into... and they say that if you are approved that your visa is sent to you within 72 hours! We have an appointment scheduled for October 13th... so we should make it in plenty of time! We are all releaved and thrilled about it! As long as he doesn't slip up and talk about some girl friend of his that's a north american... I think he'll fly by and be granted the visa.
so.... thank you for your prayers!!!! they have availed much!



melandaaron said...

That is so great Ams! I am so excited for you, and am really looking forward to seeing you! Thanks for the picture comment, I love pictures also, I hope that I can learn to capture pictures the way you do, you take some great pictures! I posted some more from the trip.Well, I think I do have some pics from the dinner but I will have to find them bc we just moved and everything is a mess!

Kristin said...

Well I think now that I've updated my blog. HE HE HE! It deserves a spot on your Links list. : )