Friday, August 18, 2006

my 7 digits

for all of you that didn't know.... here is a local phone number you can call me at! 864-990-0635 Christina thus far has been the only one to use it.... and she was the first one to "meet" Claudio! By the way Christina, he just thought that was the coolest thing in the world... he felt like he had actually connected with one of my friends... he was pretty excited about it. He is so excited to meet you all.... Christina, Kristin, Melissa, and of course all of my family. He's heard so much about all of you, pictures from when we were 12 and13 and of your weddings.... and your blogs... he's super excited... and SO AM I!
Christina, sorry... I would have told you on Sunday if I had known... we just found out yesterday. It's been a possibility for a long time we just didn't want to say anything to get anyones hopes up...including our own. But in the providence of God we found some great tickets that Lan airlines were offering... so we jumped on it like white on rice and bought them!

Anyway....... can't wait to see you all! love you guys big!

Kristin, thanks for the birthday greeting! you can call me anytime tomorrow... I'll be here all day! :) Today is Bilma, Claudio's mom's birthday and tomorrow is we are on the celebration train today! anyways......... talk to you all soon.

This is Amy reveling in the richness of God's good gifts... above all His own Son... how will he spare us any other good thing? God really is out for our happiness and is working for our goodness and always for His own glory!


Kristin said...

I just wanted to tell you how much i love you!!! I can't wait to see you!! I've missed you so much!!! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!!

Eowyn's Heir said...

And let me just put in a plug for the VOIP phone usage-- I got to hear Jimena sing the song Claudio wrote for Amy-- LIVE!! I just closed my eyes and imagined the living room and pretended I was there. (it's a good thing it wasn't a very long song, because I think I would have started to cry. God is being so sweet to you in joy, Amy!)

Can't WAIT to see you!! Love YOU big, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

AE said...

Christina, i just can't explain how gracious God has really been to me. Often times He chastizes by taking away... and indeed the Lord took away at a time... but I feel that He has chastized me recently with his goodness and joy. He is, just as you say, Christina, good to me in joy. He has rebuked me with his goodness and kindness in these past 7 months. I think everyone at some point today just cried, because of the joy that God has given us. What a good God! He really does want our happiness!