Saturday, December 09, 2006

we're back to english!

quotes for the day:

"a broken heart, loves cradle is..."
come and mourn

"To wait is to struggle and sometimes fail. We all know too well that the slightest whisper of temptation can be heard more clearly than the loudest call to duty."
waiting - ben patterson

"If you shelter under the wings of the Almighty, then you can be certain that he will work out everything for your good. It is his declared purpose, sealed at the expense of his Son's death, to bless you. This is the logic of the Gospel: if God did not spare his own Son, with his Son he will freely give you all things. It is irrefutable, indestructible logic. It is inconceivable that this generous heavenly Father would suddenly become niggardly"
Faithful God: an exposition of the book of Ruth - Sinclair B. Ferguson

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