Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Most of my friends have gotten married in the past couple of years and many others of you that read this blog have been married for many years.
As a young women... only 22 years of age... as Sandra McCracken says, "with the fears of a girl and the heart of a women and everything in between..." which I think describes many of us often.... what would be some of your counsel, admonishments to me... or to any other young woman of that matter preparing for marriage or even, already married? Things that have been helpful to you in your marriage? Promises you've held on to? Warnings to give? Things to avoid? Things to DO? Prayers to pray? Habit's to cultivate? Traditions to begin? Attacks on marriage to be aware of?

I've been reading Femenine Appeal... and I've just been thinking a lot about what it means to, "prepare for marriage". and please, anyone who reads this...feel free to correct me or to say, "Amy, you're just a naive young maiden" which is ENTIRELY possible!!!!!! but.... it seems like once you are engaged there comes a sudden emfasis on "preparing for marriage" while there is more attention at that point then ever before in your life given to marriage and the reality that YOU are about to become a WIFE! It seems as though people expect you all of a sudden start training yourself to be a wife. You all of a sudden start studying it to be it. Does that make sense? I guess what I'm saying is.... instead of all of a sudden preparing to be a wife.... should that process not have started long ago? So many things about this book Femenine Appeall adress character things: self-controle, diligence, purity, submission, trust, faith.... shouldn't this character already be a part of who we are by the time we are "preparing" to be wives? While yes, each of these character areas will begin to take on different appearances and applications.... the base is the same. So I guess what I'm saying is that the "hard work" of "preparation for marriage" should mostly already be done, Right? I mean the character issues, the roots.... the foundation of the Proverbs 31 woman.

I guess it's like being a missionary.... you don't all of a sudden BECOME a missionary because you live in a foreign land and you're supported by another church. No... the character of a missionary must have had begun long before they ever stepped foot on foreign soil. So it seems to be the same for marriage. You don't all of a sudden BECOME a P31 wife the day you're married, because you've prepared well for it. The foundation for being that KIND OF WOMAN... must have started long ago, before you had an engangement ring on your finger, before you took solmn vows before God and to your Husband.

these are just some things that I've been thinking about.... maybe erroneously ... please dialogue with me about it. I want to hear your thoughts.

Amy Elise soon to be Molina

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