Thursday, January 18, 2007

wedding plans

for all of you that might be curiously wondering if we've done any wedding planning in the past month of being engaged.... i can say... yes we have. However, it's somewhat dishearting whenever you see the lists from that seem to go on and on and on, it seems like you're never going to get things planed in time. EVERY detail really has to be taken care of... and it's even harder when you're trying to work within some cultural exceptions and etiquets... or what is expected or not expected... IS THERE an ETIQUET book to Argentine weddings? I ONLY WISH..... there isn't...which makes things harder. Avoiding offenses, knowing all the do's and don'ts..... hmm... getting through all the wedding planning without offending... is seeming like an impossibility. THUS constant humility and flexibility are a must.... as I think they are in every wedding planning.
BUT hey... i've got the groom.... which girls may plan their weddings for years ... as I think most do.... but the one factor that's always missing... is the groom. Well.... I can say, I don't have all details of my wedding planed or thought through... but i DO have the most amazing man in the world as my groom. And really.... after that... everything else is a fading shadow.

anyways... here's what we HAVE done:

invitation wording
invitatin design
invitation and envelope paper
program layout
Officiary - Mark Hatfield!
flower ideas (we're getting an estimate this week)
reception sites... we've spotted out several...but that's still up in the air
bought dress and all excessories (shoes, jewelry, veil etc...)
guest lists
hotel list for guests

yes we're still missing some major aspects LIKE...
reception site
and all the other hundred things on the list. :)

Please pray that the Lord would provide some answers to these questions... and at times they become worries. My "contentometer" as Mark H. puts ... on the scale from 1-10 (one being super uncontent and 10 being super content) it's been towards the 2's and 3's this past week because of worry of how and WHEN all these questions will be answered. More importantly the date... not so much who is going to be our photographer or where our reception site is going to be, but more the date. There is so much on the table and so many factors that have and will affect this, babies, flights, time, school schedules, breaks, vacation time, deaths... it could be in the next 3 months or in the next 9 and if we wait 9 why not 13??? ... and for anyone who has been engaged 9 months is a long time.... and 13 months a nightmare! so please... just pray to the God who gives peace that transcends all understanding to comfort Claudio and I's hearts and minds and to give us wisdom.

much love and cariƱo to you all,
amy e. soon to be molina

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melandaaron said...

I know that this is such an exciting, yet overwhelming time, but you know you won't even remember all of the "small stuff" in the end. It will all come together! Sounds like you are on the right track! I just wish that I could be there to see you exchange vows!!!!!!