Monday, January 08, 2007

What's in your bag?

What heavenly treasures have you gained this year? What's in your heavenly baggage that you travel with and carry with you through this joyous journey?

2006 in a nut shell:

January: hestitant but yet rendered to a trip to Argentina to visit and work somethings out in my life and with my parents. It was a sad 2005.

February: complete joy renewed to my Salvation, to life, to obedience to God, to a relationship with my family... what a happy month! and... on the 4th of February... Claudio and I started dating. Mark and Kristen Hatfield visited for 10 days only to add more joy to the whole experience!

March: Returned to the USA for Kristin Reimer of Cunningham's wedding! Celebrated my precious nephew's 2nd BD and got to explain the past 2 months to my other family members.

April: oridnary month... getting into a routine of life in Argentina. Started the Pastoral Institute classes.

May: falling even more in love with Claudio.

June: Trip to Chile as Bob and Cathy Selph's Interpreter! What an experience! Truely all my years of learning spanish was worth it for those 5 days to aid brothers and sisters in Christ to communicate their hearts! After our trip in Chile, we all came to Argentina... and the fun continued with Bob and Cathy and the people here!

July: Claudio's 32nd birthday (22nd), Ryan and Lydia's 1st Wedding anniversery (29th)

August: the first song ever written for me by Claudio on my Birthday! (if you go back to August on my log you can read it)

September: Conferencia Palabra Fiel preparations begin!

October: Clau's Visa was denied... this was a trying time to believe that God is a GOOD God. I've found that one of the wickedest lies that Satan, the world, or your own flesh could ever feed you is that God isn't really a good God. OH HE IS! He is a good God. Don't doubt that!

31st Conference Palabra Fiel begins! What a sweet time gathering the brothers and sisters of like faith in Argentina together! We aren't alone! We may be few...but we aren't alone.

November: our whole family (minus Claudio) left for the States to spend Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas holidays with Rachel, Aaron, Caleb, Ryan and Lydia.

December: Our family is EXPANDING!!! Rachel and Aaron are pregnant with a second! Girl or boy? we'll find out in a few months. Rachel is presently 12 weeks pregnant! WAHOO!!!

18th.... Claudio and I got engaged!!
I completed my TESOL Certificate!!!!

pretty eventful year actually. What I have in my heavenly travel bag?..... I've learned of a God who chases after me... even when I'm chasing after my ownself... He will not let me get away! There are many more things in my bag... it has overflown this year in God's undeserved goodness to me... AND... in all of that... for anyone that contends with Him being a good God, He has given me a campanion that helps me to chase after Him!

so... there is my year in a nut shell. and I will keep you updated on the next!

Enjoying God and expectantly waiting for what He has yet to do!
Amy Elise

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