Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Engagement Pictures of
Claudio and Amy
news flash......
Praise the Lord dad's voice is doing MUCH better. He was shouting from the pulpit this past sunday.... so there's hope. :)
Saturday's Adolecent D-923 group's kick off didn't really kick off. It was a no show night from everyone. We are going to take another attempt this Saturday, Please pray for the Lord's work.
Camila Jorquera: I've started to teach the older sunday school class to relieve Veronica that's been teaching for the past year plus... and we've been looking at the week before Christ's death and on Easter morning we will arrive to his resurrection. This past sunday I had a wonderful conversation with Camila. We camped out on Judas' betrayal and I was able to challenge her heart and ask what sin was it that she was holding on to, what she was selling out to. Please pray for that the Lord would arouse in her uneasiness about her spiritual condition.

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