Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Summer's Days are Gone Too Soon..."

       "Summer's days are gone ..... " and the smell of fall is here!  The crip air and the changing leaves are such a refreshing sight and sound after summer's heat.  Carlos Paz has settled down, the tourists are gone, and kids are walking on the sidewalks in their uniforms. School is beginning with all it's rush to the stores to buy new notebook paper, binders, folders, pens and pencils.  Those were some of my best memories of school.  The night my family would go out to Office Max and buy our new school supplies and I could pick folders ANY COLOR I WANTED!  The evening always ended with a dinner out.  A good end to one season and a good beginning to another.

      This school year has its twist in its beginning for me.  I am the teacher and not the student.  I'm not looking down a long, dark, and what seems to be endless tunnel of langauge learning.  No, this year I am the veteran at the front of the line leading my crew down the tunnel cheering them on, showing them the way, and holding my lantern out for them to see.

       I think the greatest challenge I've had in this season as a new language teacher is inspiring
my students to love to learn, and to love to learn English.  How do you inspire them to take the extra measures in language learning so they don't sound like Tarzan and to try a little harder to force their tongue and mouth to pronounce the "th" in a word instead of mummbling through a phrase and replacing their "th's" with "s's"?  This has been my challenge.
So Teachers:  What do you say?  How do you inspire your students?

                   From aTeacher and on going Student,
                                    amy d.


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