Thursday, March 29, 2007


well.... we've been working on our vows this past week. I finally got Kenneth and Reagan's vows translated, I don't have ryan and lydia's yet, I got another e-mail about covenant marriage that had vows included in the e-mail... and we liked parts of those, so I got those translated, and I've got translated the portion from Biblical Womanhood and Manhood (John Piper and Wayne Grudem) about the 15 things that He prays for and hopes for in men and women at the beginning of the book..... some really good stuff if you haven't ever read the book you should read at least that part (it's a big book.. I've only read parts too) anyways.... I got all of that translated.... NOW comes the peicing together part, taking what we like and what we want to include, refrasing etc........ I got Clau and I pretty excited though.
here are some pictures that I go back and look at often... they just make me smile. I hope they do you too. These are from our visit in November.


kathleen said...

Hey, Amy -

I'm an English teacher in Peru...we could be neighbors! I teach a course designed to get the student through the TOEFL, ultimately. The pay isn't great, but it's better than sitting at home, and I love the work. Have a great day!

AE said...

Kathleen, its great to meet you... I've been teaching private classes... and mostly for students that just want to learn to speak for work reasons or family members they have that are from the USA.
i've been looking for some pen pals for my you know some where were i could hook my students up with some people? I have about 6 students that are interested.

amy d.

Eowyn's Heir said...

wow! Caleb already looks so much older since then!

AE said...

don't tell me that Christina!!!! although... i know it's true. Imiss that little man so much!