Thursday, May 31, 2007

Evolution of Claudio's English

First off, I have to say that Claudio is doing WONDERFULLY with his English. He can crack jokes! I think it took us a couple of years to be able to crack a joke in Spanish! So here are some funny stories from English Class. All of you that are coming to the Wedding, will be so pleased to be able to talk to him in English... and it will be superly rewarding for him to be able to communicate by himself! He understands everything.... mostly. And defends himself pretty well speaking. I'm really proud of him.

Scenario 1: we were creating our own "taboo" cards. Example: At the top of the card I had written Travel, airplane, House, etc.... things that were on their vocabulary lists. THEY had to write down a word below the word I had written, with some kind of related word or clue word.

Round One:
Card: National
Claudio: My Country
Round Two:
Card: International
Claudio: Other country

LOL.... we all cracked up laughing! VERY logical, very true... and if any of you have attempted to learn a second language, when you define a word, you give very simple answers such as: My country, and Other country. You'd understand.

Scenario 2: We were discussing Accidents in the home. They (claudio, veronica, Kristen, and I) had just shared a story about an accident in our home. Part two of the lesson was...

What would you do in the event of....
if a pan caught on fire.
Veronica: I put the pan under water and turn off the stove.
Claudio: ..... and then buy a new pan!

Claudio's turn...
What would you do in the event of.....
a pipe breaking in your bathroom.
Claudio: (with out hestitation) Windsurf!
LOL - the whole class bursted out in laughter. What a creative answer! lol

I hope you guys get an idea of Claudio's humor! He is hilarious!


Kristen Hatfield said...

Amy.. I love it! Too funny!

Ashley Brennan said...

You must be a fabulous teacher!