Monday, May 28, 2007

jobs, wedding, 12 year old girls, and snow it's time for something new on my blog. Sorry you've been stuck with the lingering news on Clau's job. Things are still going along with the comic company. We're still panning out some final details, but hopefully in 2-3 weeks everything will be firm. They've had some artistic exchanges of Clau's art and comic scripts.... Claudio is really excited about one specific project that Lawrence White (the writer) has sent him. So things are going well... just pray for continued wisdom in how to handle buisness matters, through long distance. Thank you!

Wedding... well Looks like we have a date!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!
(it's a thursday) It will be a beautiful spring day... we've found our reception/ceremony site, Motonautico it's a boating club house/large room... and we're working on all the other details!
This past friday we had a "girls night" with five 12 year old girls, some that attend church, some that have attended in the past but no longer do. It was girly and giggily, what else?! But it was a sweet relationship building time. I asked Kristen to share her testimony, which was a wonderful and clear explination that ONLY CHRIST can SATISFY. We've decided to keep up these Friday Fun Girl Nights, and this Friday we're going to have a girls beauty parlor.... again, WAY girly and giggily... but fun. We're also planning on a little 15 minute preface to the night on what is true beauty.... inner beauty.... seeking after the Father's heavenly smile and not man's. But yet...all the while, it's good and right to put effort in the outer, but ultimately we need a inner makeover.

Please pray for those oppertunities. Consistancy in attending something like this usually doesn't depend on "because they didn't or did like it", or because they are really interested in spiritual things.... most often it's because Parents plan over, or minimize the importance of the gatherings. SO pray that the Lord would bless those nights, and those evangelistic oppertunities. ( you can check out pictures from this past friday night at )
This morning and all the way until now, it has been snowing! well... they are more like flurry ice sleet/snow. It's COLD! But it's wonderful! I'm loving it! Maybe I'll get some pictures from today's scences.
well... there is an update for you all. I'd love to hear from you some time!

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