Monday, June 18, 2007

October 4th, 2007 Save the Date!

Save the date and come celebrate with
Claudio Fabián
Amy Elise
as they get married on
Thursday, October 4th, 2007
Carlos Paz, Cordoba
Dinner Reception to Follow
It's official! Claudio has a contract with IK Comics and we have a wedding on October 4th! We are so excited and so thankful for all that the Lord has provided and done in our lives and in these past few months. He has closed doors repetedly, and we with much faith have persevered in the job search, we now see those previously closed doors as God's preserving what was BEST for us and leading us straight to it. The Lord is so kind!
SO.... we would be thrilled for any of you that could come to our wedding! I know 5,000 miles and hundreds of dollars is a lot to ask of anyone, so we completely understand if you are unable, but please know, that the invitation stands.... YOU ARE WELCOME ANY TIME! You are welcome for the wedding or for a visit... in fact, after the wedding, we will have a nice cozy place for you to come and stay.. with us!
Thank you all for your prayers over the past several years through my many cultural transitions, my identity crisises (literally, no one believed I was Amy Elise Donell in the state of South Carolina), various jobs, school searches, and now in marriage. We are both very thankful for all of you.
with much love and affection,
Amy Elise


Kristen Hatfield said...

Congratulations! You know that I am so excited for you and wish that I could be there! Love you, Kristen

akshue said...
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AE said...

thank you! In some ways you could also say that I am Claudio's business partner, and soon to be wife. But yes... I can affirm that IK Comics has greatly impacted our lives. It is what is allowing us to get married... and I feel very much apart of this venture. I'm so excited about where IK Comics is going and the goals we have set for us.... I can't tell you how thrilled Claudio is to be drawing as a JOB... it doesn't even seem like a job for him... it has been a dream come true!
so... yes... maybe one day we could meet... that would be awesome! Thanks again Akshata!

Amy Donell

bballbek said...

Good luck Amy, lol lylas