Thursday, July 26, 2007

2:01pm July 26th, 2007

Phoebe Caroline Selph
7lbs. 14oz
21 inches
Mom and little Phoebe are doing GREAT!


melandaaron said...

Thats great!!!! What a blessing!!! YEA!!! I know Rachel is happy she is finally here!!!!

Kristin said...

YEAH!!! The wedding i'm going to on the 11th is at 2:00, so we can probably do it at 10, or earlier if you want, but i think we should have plenty of time! Congratulations Tia Amy!!!

AE said...

.... 9 would be fine with me!... you want to?
score... that way we have time.

see ya then!

Ashley Brennan said...

Congratulations, Aunt Amy!

Kristin said...

9 sounds good to me!!! You just might want to remind me, I have a tendency to forget things now a days. : ) Is there anything specific you want me to have?