Thursday, September 27, 2007

7 more days!

7 more days is the count down! This week has actually seemed like it's gone by rather slowly... but I know come Sunday when all my family gets here... it will zoom by! Many ask if I am stressed... and to be completely honest... I'm not. I have a lot on my "to do list" but who doesn't? Today starts with our blood analisis' at 8am, and thus begins the day with going and getting the baskets, the bells, the ribbon, the CD's, talking to photographer and the florist.... but hey, in 7 days...or really in 3 it will come to an end. I'm enjoying it, but I will also enjoy it when things slow down and it's just Clau and I in our apartment! Life I will be much simplier.

here are some samples of our table markers: The first picture is really for table number 7 but it also fits for today's countdown! :)


Ashley Brennan said...

Really cute idea, Amy! :o) I'm praying for you. One week!!!

Eowyn's Heir said...

ahem!... indecent??


Oh, I almost cried today, at another friend's wedding, because I was thinking of how much I wish I could be at YOUR wedding!!

AE said...

awww... Christina... everyone just arrived yesterday.... but i and Lydia yelled at me "you're the bride" and I just felt so weird! I just thought, " NO!! Lydia's the bride! Melissa R. is the bride! Kristin is the bride! CHRISTINA is the bride!!! NOT ME!"... it's wierd... 3 more days and I'm getting married!!!! it's crazy!!!... i wish you could be here so much too, Christina! I love you dearly! AND... i have marked in my little agenda book where I keep all my lists and things... also YOUR BIRTHDAY! I know the 28th passed by so quickly.. I couldn't get to the computer!... SO.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR DEAR DEAREST FRIEND! I love you so much!!!