Thursday, February 21, 2008

a trip to la rioja

We took a trip to La Rioja Last week. Jorge's mom (clau's grandmother) has been very ill with demensia... and hasn't been doing well. She went several days without eating, talking, or recognizing anyone... that's when Jorge's sister's called him to see if he could come and see his mother, perhaps for one of the last times. Claudio and I went to accompany him traveling, and just to be with him in these difficult days. We had a really sweet time with the family, and thankfully... Jorge walked in and she immediately recognized him!!! She began to talk with him and tell him of her earlier teaching days. It was a blessing to his sisters to see her communicating again, and able to recognize her kids agian. She seems to have up days and down days.... you could pray for their family.

One of the days we went and just drove around the beautiful dessert mountains... and enjoyed the cooler air. (La Rioja is like Arizona in weather and terrain).

enjoy the pictures!



melandaaron said...

great pics amy, not sure who that is in the top pic.. but it has character.. the pic of you and claudio is gorgeous , is that near where you live? it's beautiful...

Leslie Anne said...

loved the pictures! So glad married life is treating you well.