Thursday, July 03, 2008

Growing Old Together

A Healthy Baby Boy!
Claudio Fabian Molina
4 kilos 500 grams
July 22nd, 1974
Mother: Bilma B. Zarate
Father: Jorge V. Molina
Proud older sister: Veronica A. Molina

You can do the math. Claudio turned 34 yesterday!
Claudio had a difficult birth. He was born, as his father reminds us all, on a very cold winter day. It was snowing in La Rioja (which is like Arizona), and the tempatures were dropping. Jorge remembers well having gone to buy some 70's peach pants and a beige turtle neck on that day because of it's especially low temperatures, which later Claudio wore as a teenager.
His dear mother, Bilma, was having difficulty delivering... and after many hours of pushing, finally, the doctors used forceps to grap his head and pull him out. Most people born with forceps have major brain damage. Claudio, in God's kindness, had none. He was born a healthy 4 kilos and 500 grams. And only left with 3 small scars on his forhead and back head from the forceps.

Claudio, Estoy tan feliz que Dios te preservò en tu nacimiento, y en los 31 años previo que te conocí, y ahora, Él se me ha dado el privilegio de cuidarte, amarte, y tesorearte como tu esposa! Te amo! Y estoy tan feliz que puedo crecer vieja con vos. Feliz Cumple Negro!

I'm so happy that God preserved you in your birth, and in the previous 31 years before I met you, and now, He has given you to me to care for, to love, to cherish, and to be your wife! I love you! And I'm so happy that I get to grow old with you! Happy Birthday Baby!

Party Details: We had fresh squeezed limonade, enchiladas, green rice (great recipe), and fresh salsa! Yummy! His family came over for lunch and hung out with us all day. I unfortunately had to work in the evening... but then we came back and settled down to the movie of Claudio's choice, "Precinct 13"


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