Sunday, September 21, 2008

Teachers Day in Villa General Belgrano (german town)

More to come... if I can figure out Photoshop!!!

mom and dad walking together.

Clau and I

Us Teachers!

This is a sample of all the charming little stores they have around the town.

this is a poppy...they had lots of them...they are just so pretty to me!

Ian checkin' out the town map.


Eowyn's Heir said...

you look lovely!

belgrano still looks the same as ever; I was just telling some folks about that place recently...

miss you.

oh- and I just read a book about poppies to my pre-schoolers this morning :)

AE said...

cool!... Belgrano, actually to our surprise has changed a little bit. They had a whole bunch of new stores, apartments, and things like that up. We went to this incredibly charming little restraunt at the end of the town called Bluemen... the food was great and the decor was just so... german. The chocolate store is still there and all the other little stores are still there too. It really is a nice little day trip!

oh, and Happy Teacher's day!! :) (a little late)


Kristin said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures as always!