Friday, November 07, 2008

Palabra Fiel 2008

Here's some pics from the Palabra Fiel Conference.
Over all things went well. We made some big mistakes, not to repeat
in future years.... but we did some things better than the previous years.
So.... I'm still learning.
We were an average of 30 every day. We began and closed out the conference in Centro Crecer in Cordoba City, and all day thursday and half of the day friday was in Carlos Paz. We usually have a big "asado" at the end, but this year we opted for the "Pata Flambeada"... it's the Cow leg cooked over flames... it's DELICIOUS!!!!

We had people from New Zealand (Nathan Sinclair), Colombia (David Adams), Ecaudor (Zac, Freddie, and Jonathan), Tandil Argentina (Walter Routley) the United States (Jim Adams)and a 4 guys from Buenos Aires (Adrian, Claudio, Mario, and Carlos)... and I believe the rest of us were either from Cordoba City, or Carlos Paz. For being such a small group, we came from the the four winds. May the Gospel spread to those cornes of this country!!!

This is our dear friend Zac with his pastor from Ecuador, Don Freddie, and another friend from the church there, Jonathan. Really sweet men! We loved having them here with us this year.

These are three guys from Buenos Aires. Really sweet brothers who have come to the doctrines of grace through the reading of the scriptures and have had further conversations with Dad and Jorge Molina. They've left the "brethren church" for their legalism and lack of pure doctrine. They were youth leaders who began preaching the Gospel that they discovered and loved from the Scriptures, and the Elders in their church didn't stand for it. So, after many months of prayer, discussions with the elders, they decided for the peace of the church to leave. They are now attending a Baptist church in Buenos Aires, but are restless to find a church that preaches the true Gospel. They are some sweet brothers... and really fun guys!!! from the left to the right (Claudio, Carlos, Mario)

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