Monday, December 01, 2008

Holding On

I just wanted to share something that I read this week. I think it's when you're struggling and looking for your grounding we often return to what is most familiar.
So I went to find a book that was so helpful in times of waiting and asking, "why".
It's a book by Ben Patterson called "Waiting: Finding hope when God seems silent"
This is what I read:

In comforting others as they walk through "the valley of the shadow of death"

"we don't need so much to explain them (sufferings) to eachother as we do to hold on to eachother and to our God when they come."

"He nowhere promises healing in the here and now. He nowhere promises understanding or comprehension of it all in the here and now. He nowhere promises that if you do everthing right and keep your nose clean that he will sheild you from all evil¨."

" God chooses in His infinite wisdom and love not to answer many of our "why?" questions. But he does alays give us his presence. As we suffer and wait it is better to forget about find out "why" and instead learn about "who." For he is the treasure to be found in all that hurts us."


Kristin Cunningham said...

That is so true! What a sweet picture!

Eowyn's Heir said...

i LOVE that book. so helpful.

I HATE that I'm missing seeing you, though. :( You headed to Atlanta at any point in your visit?.... that's where we're going for Christmas... as if. Praying for you. I can't wait to have you stateside so I can CALL you again!

Amy Donell Molina said...

i fly into Atlanta.... but I think Ryan's picking me up on Saturday midday...... :/.....

i love that book too!!! that's why I'm reading it again!