Monday, March 02, 2009

Flower Fairy

So here is some art that I've found as inspiration for Mila's room.
Art is usually the most expensive part of decorating, and just my luck... My husband is an artist... and he has lots of friends that are artists too! So... I get the luxary of being able to combine certain aspects of different art peices, and get exactly what I want... both in Andrés' Frog Prince room or in Mila's Fairy land.
What I've noticed that is that most of the bedding and children's art that involve fairies are more tainted with the whole princess idea. Which is fine... but I want to use fairies, not princesses. So they either offer Princess "fairy" or Tinker Bell... which I'm not into the Disney thing...'s what I've got so far... and maybe a mixture there of.
Here is a website that has a LOT of cool flower faeries... the art is a little more grown up than I prefer...but it is beautiful artwork by C M Barker
here's a sampler:

I really love this one. It's childish, sweet, and colorful. She's a flower Faerie.

Dragon: Love the colors and the style of art.

I like the diamond with pink and white or pink and green idea.

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