Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looky what I can Do!

I'm two months old now. Here are a few of my favorite things:

The Classical music that plays on my swing.
When you make "bla, bla bla" sounds at me, stick your tongue out at me, and make "knock knock" noises at me. I try to immitate you... and I haven't quite figured out how the big people do it yet, but I'm getting there.
My favorite songs are: I Love You So Much, The Cuppy Cake Song, How Deep the Father's Love For Us, In Christ Alone, I Love You Today (Andrew Peterson).
My favorite bands are: U2 and The Beatles.
I still love a good warm bath.
I love to kick around on my froggy mat... there's this baby that always looks at me and makes faces at me when I'm on my froggy mat too. (mom:the mirror she looks into)
I like to hang with mommy in her "muchila" (baby bijourn) and the love sling.
I like these two colorful books that mommy puts in front of me all the time (colors and animales)... they have fun pictures in them.

but most of all my all time favorite is when you talk to me.

Looky what I can do:
respond to sounds all around me.
follow mom and dad across the room.
kick and wiggle and turn from side to back.
coo... A LOT... especially the "aaaahggg" sounds.
hold my self steady.
raise my head at a 45* angle on my tummy.
see and pay attention to objects that are "far away"
bat at my rattle that hangs from my froggy mat.
smile, laugh, and squeal.
sleep 7-8 hours at night.
drink 5-6 ounces of milk
I'm wearing my 3 month clothes.

My Personality:
Morning is my happiest time. I laugh and smile pretty easily with people... and of course... especially when they talk to me. I'm a social butterfly!

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