Monday, October 26, 2009

Mommy's Little Jelly Bean

Day 68/365 Monday
This Onsie was a gift from Aunt Rachel. I loved it instantly, and with out knowing that Jillian was 1. a girl and 2. that we were going to name her "Jillian" and that we would call her affectionatly "our Jillie-Bean" Rachel bought this onsie from a Target 1 dollar bin.
I promised a photoshoot with her wearing it... so todays 365 Jillian picture is her in her "Mommy's Little Jelly Bean" onsie, with Jelly beans sprinkled around her. My daughter is adorable... she IS our our little Jillie Bean!
Thanks Auntie Rachel!!! This onsie and these pictures are a definant keepsake for Jillian.


Ashley said...

She has such a creative mommy! I'm sure she's a fun baby to love!

Kristin Cunningham said...

Amy! I love all the pictures!! I just can't say it enough! She's so adorable!!!