Sunday, November 08, 2009

Days 76-81 skip a few my darlin'

I just really liked this perspective from last weeks photo shoot.

These are from last sunday... they are some of her newer tricks.
I call this her superwoman pose!

Jillian: "Look, I have hands!!"

I appologize for how behind I've gotten this week with pictures. To be honest, since last Sunday I haven't picked up my camera once. This week has been crazy trying to gather up paper work for Claudio and Jillian's Embassy appointments.
Marriage certificates, birth certificates, letters and signatures from employers, passport pictures and the endless list goes one.... all just so that when we got to the window they wouldn't ask for something we didn't have. After a whirlwind 4 days Wednesday we got on our bus successfully. Luggage? Check. Paperwork? Check. Baby? Check. However, we almost got on the bus without our pacifier!
The Lord was so kind in our trip to Buenos Aires though. Jillian slept on the bus in our laps very well. And even the business of the big city streets didn't seem to disturb her sleep while she was in the baby bijourno. She was an excellent baby!

Claudio was granted his 10 year tourist visa and Jillian is officially a "LATINGA".
Our trip was blessed by the Lord. Thank you all for your prayers! They were heard.
Praise the Lord for His infinite kindesses to us... His Charity children.
We can't stop thinking about all that this means for our family. We've dreamed about this for 3 years... and it's finally, in the Lord's timing, a reality for us.
Praise His NAME!

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Kristin Cunningham said...

God is good! His timing is always perfect! I can't tell you how excited I am for you and your sweet family!! Can't wait to see you!!