Sunday, February 21, 2010

6 Months

Jillian Juliette Molina
August 18, 2009

I CAN...
Recognize my name and I think "mommy" and "papi" too ... it's coming.
Stand holding onto your hands in lap and bounce
Pull to standing position holding on to your hands
Rock in the exersaucer and when sitting
Sit with out support (since 5 months)
Razz... LOTS of razzing!
Object when you take a toy away
Work to get a toy that's out of reach
pass a toy or object from one hand to the other
Rake with fingers at tiny objects and pick it up with fist
Put my arms out when I want to be picked up (sometimes)
Babbleing... but still no ma ma ma or da da da.
Make indian sounds moving my hand over my mouth while I "ahhh" (Everyone seems to like that one)
Finger food bananas and mash them in my hands.
When I object to something I either: flap my arms OR wap my legs down in my crib. (read: sin nature!)
I've been experiencing a little separation anxiety as well.
(object/people permanance)

What I do most:
I pound my hands on the table, trey etc...
Make indian noises.
Play and "talk" with people!
Smile at everyone, especially the camera. :)

nothin' yet. But I have my days when I chew on everything! Especially the Koala bear on my exersaucer and a few teething toys mom puts in the frig.

My Favorite Toys:
Fuzzy Giraff
Dolly (Chilindrina)
Pop up Toy (I love the panda bear, it's my favorite)
And this rist rattle that has a duck on it.
BOOKS! I love books!

Favorite Activites:
Play in baby pool! I love to SPLASH!
Read books
Play with Mommy and Daddy and anyone else that will give me attention
Tickling! I'm SO tickelish on my neck, thights, and under arms
Drop - Pick up game (NOT mommy's favorite game!)

Funny Facinations:
people's hair
touching people's faces when she meets them

Gradded Apples (it's basically apple sauce)
Butternut Squash
Bananas are my favorite! OF COURSE!
4 bottles of milk of about 8oz

CLOTHES:6-9 months

Sleep Patterns:
I sleep about 10-12 hours at night
and I take about 2 naps a day and sometimes a few cat naps here and there

Strong willed ... I let you know when I don't like you taking something away or giving me what I want.
Sweet with strangers
social butterfly
cuddly and affectionate: She leans her head on you and puts her arms around your neck. It's the sweetest thing and it absolutly melts mommy and daddy's heart.

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