Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Olivia's Birth Story

Dr. Marini at my last appointment

Clau and I in our hospital room

Awaiting Olivia

The date had been set,Monday March 12th, at 12:00pm a C-section.
Our doctor together with us had decided that this was the best decision due to my scar tissue being weak and stretched and unable to withstand the pressure and strain of a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean). We were all at peace with this decision and felt it was the best for me and the baby.
My mom arrived from the states on March 5th. Abuelo Molina had his gallbladder surgery March 7th and despite the 100 degree weather, my hugely swollen feet and contractions... Olivia waited until March 12th.
Her birthday was so full of God's presence and his merciful hand it's amazing. He was absolutely in ALL the small things as well as the big! Why should I have doubted...right?

Clau, Mom and I headed to the Hospital in Cordoba at 7:30am. I was checked in by 9:30 and settling into my private room (which was a huge blessing and and unexpected provision of the Lord for us.)(by the way for those of you from the states a private room means: someone can stay with you at night, AC, and general better care). By 10am the nurses came to our room and started all medical history interviewing, IV's, antibiotics etc... The nurses were great! They even called me by my name instead of "gorda" or "mama".
They took Olivia's clothes and blanket to the "receiving room" (where they clean her, weigh her etc... and dress her after she's born). They had a fetal monitoring...from which Olivia squirmed from and hid.

at 12:00pm they came into my room and said "Vamos!Ya llego el doctor!" (Let's go! Your doctor's here!) So off I went. I climbed into a wheel chair and went up the elevator with Nurse Juana and Laura to the OR. My husband gave me a kiss and we exchanged our "I love you's!" and they rolled me into the OR. I was greeted warmly by my Dr. "Llego el dia!"(the day has come!) by 12:10 my epidural was going in and all I could think about was... I'm going to meet my daughter in about 20 minutes! I stepped up to the OR table exchanged some jokes with the anesthesiologist and nurses... a total happy and joyful moment was about to come!
Once my epidural was in my BP began to drop almost immediatly. Thankfully my anasthesiologist was on top of it and noticed right away. He brought it back up and within a minute I was feeling so much better and back to getting excited about Olivia's arrival.
The Lord gave an incredible peace and calmness to me during Olivia's birth.. .that I could really ENJOY what was happening. At 12:34 I heard the LOUDEST and best cry a little baby could give!!! Olivia Eden was here!!! She wasn't happy about it...:) but I sure was!!!!

They showed her beautifullness to me and took her to clean her up!! Maybe 10 minutes later a Doctor came in and said "3.430 kilos y sanita!" (7lbs 8oz and healthy!)... words every mother wants to here about her newborn! I was SO happy. They brought her back to me in the OR held her close to my face. "Hermosa!" She had little bubble spit in her mouth and was just as quieted, warm and swaddled as she could be! They then took her to Papi and the rest of the family could see her... and then took her to the Nursery for observation.

Thankfully the rest of the surgery went beautifully and I was out by 1-ish. Clau came and greeted me ... so happy and proud of his beautiful baby girl! We immediately commented on how different she is than Jillian... and how beautiful she was! They rolled me to my room where we waited so eagerly with all the family for them to bring her to us. The fam went to go get a bite to eat and in that time they brought Olivia to our room (2 hours later...around 2:30-ish...this was so much better than the 6 hour wait we had with Jillian). Clau was like a little boy... he wanted to pick her up and hold her but so awed at her smallness and fragility as a tiny baby. Finally, he picked her up and we both just starred and starred at her.
Finally, the rest of the family came and Jillian met her baby sister! PRICELESS moments. Jillian held her, sang to her, talked to her, kissed her, and held her hand. It made all the pain of post c-section so much more bearable for me!
I had a couple of hours of real hard pain but was feeling so much better by the evening. My husband held me hand through it all, brought me beautiful flowers with a note that I will never forget!

By 7 I was sitting up and nursing my beautiful baby girl! She latched on like a pro and the rest of our stay was quite pleasant.
Wednesday, March 14th they let me go home with my whole family of four!

Praise God from whom all blessing flow! Praise Him all creatures here below! Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts! Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!


Eowyn's Heir said...

yay for your return to blogworld!! :) it lets me feel like I sort of get to talk to you semi-regularly. :)

Eowyn's Heir said...

ps- I love her name and am so thankful she's here and you're both OK!!! Ummm... she's super cute, too. Looks more like a Donell than Jillie did, I think!

Amy Donell Molina said...

me too... on all those notes!!
thanks for reading!