Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 4

You're FIRST Easter!
We couldn't get any pictures because our photo shoot fell apart in a matter of seconds. Jillian peed her pants and you started crying... so we abandoned the idea... and settled for the photo shoot on another day and went to take a nap. :)

You love to be held (too much!)
I've finally figured out how to get you to sleep in your crib! Every time I put you in your crib you'd wake up UNTIL... I figured out to cradle you in your boppy and cover you with blankets only when I lay in the bed... and not while I'm holding you.
You look like you've gained weight, but we haven't weighed you yet... we'll see what the Doctor says!
- You got your ultrasound on your kidneys done this past week. You cried the whole time, poor baby... but you endured it!
- You quiet down very quickly in the car.
- you've started to stare at your toys that hang from your car seat.
- you maintain great eye contact with us when we talk to you.
I think your Papi is the only other person that can quiet you down besides mommy... and that's only because I have your food! :)
- you finally fill out the New Born clothes... maybe you'll soon graduate to the 0-3m clothes. :)

We're getting to know you little by little, baby girl... and we can't wait to find out more!

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