Sunday, May 06, 2012

Week 7

Well, we haven't quite figured Olivia out yet. We're still discovering what she likes and doesn't like. She's kicking and has more playful times with us. her best hours are in the morning at around 10 or so... she treats us with lots of smiles... which as everyone knows is like parent candy!... or maybe drugs... it gives an amazing high that lasts through the evening cranky times... let me just say this... it's better than my morning coffee. She seems like she's getting longer and longer... and looking more like her sister when she was a baby. Her skin has gotten fairer...more like mine and Jillian's and her eyes bluer. She loves evening bath time. She still hates getting her diaper and clothes changed in general. Her gas problems are better thanks to Dill seed tea... go figure! (gripe water) She's started seeing hanging toys...especially the one that's hanging from her car seat. She follows you across the's so fun to see her watching the world around her. Things we're working on: sleeping in her bed by herself (self-soothing) She's an amazing little girl and We're in love (once again)!! Sometimes we forget how little and young she is still...but we're trying to soak it all up.

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