Sunday, November 05, 2006


Dearest blog readers:
this blog will soon become a spanish blog. While I am visiting in the states from November 8th- December 5th I will primarily be using this blog as a news up date for friends in Argentina. Just wanted to give you a heads up. You can frequent it still if you would like. I will be posting pictures and so forth... but the writting will be in spanish. I'll see you English speakers in a few days!!


Eowyn's Heir said...

Ams-- for crying out loud call me back sometime! =D

I just want to ask you some things about your trip...trying to orchestrate a little hang-out time. I think it's safe to assume we both would enjoy hanging out together. ...I'll email you.

cAmIlA said...

hola soy cami y tengo una duda, ya hice mi propio blog pero no se como hacer para agregarle cosas, es . avisame, cualquier cosa, espero que stes bien alla, y que la pases bien, no te preocupes , voy a cuidar a tu claudito, ja ja aja

AE said...

cami.... si vas al parte de editar tu blog... o "agregar comentarios" ahi se puede poner mensajes o fotos. mi papa te puede ayudar...o si no... Gimenia podia.

que bueno que veniste a visitarme en mi blog!!! espero que disfrutes. :)

che gracias por cuidarle a mi claudito!!! :)
te extrano cami! contame como andas?! (y con los pies no es una respuesta valida!)
cuantas dias de escuela tenes mas?
bueno...nena.... negra... nos vemos...un abrazo LARGO y fuerte!