Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sorry there are no pictures... those are coming!

Claudio and I are ENGAGED!!!!!!!
we went on a fabuouls date that ended with a ring and a "sí"!
we started on a scavenger hunt through town. Each location was introduced with a question:
1. Where did we first meet?
our kincho in our back yard. That was where we first met on January 5th, 2006.
Awaited me there was a little blue package with a coffe cup...for all the times I offered coffee and he sweetly agreed drinking every last drop of coffee... and then only to find when we started dating that he hated coffee! :) He's just a "leche" man.
2. What is the most romantic movie? KING CONG! Yes that's right, King Cong. That was the first movie we saw together with Ian... we still weren't dating in fact it wasn't originally my date to be had. Ian and Clau had set that up several months before I got there and because Ian is such a sweet, quick brother, he invited me on that date with them.
SO we went to the movie theater, to pick up another blue package.
3. "What was the first gift I gave you?" "A chocolate bar!" "sí...........hm........ well then.... the second!" HA HA.....I remembered more detail than he did. ;).... "A ROSE!" So we proceeded to a flower shop where I picked up 2 beautiful red roses!
4. Where was the first place that I had never taken any girl or anybody outside of my family to until I started dating you? CEM (the music school, where he spent most of his time for the past couple of years accompaning people). So we went to CEM where he picked up his guitar and I picked up another blue package.
5. where did we first go on a date when were oficially dating? La Costanera. (it's a walk way that runs along the lake in Carlos Paz... we went for a walk... a very long walk) So we went walking along the Costanera and we stopped on a bench next to this building along the path way.... Claudio pulled out his guitar and began to sing my song, "the miracle in my life". Which is quite significant, because I had never heard HIM sing it. I'd only ever heard his sister sing it... it was amazing....! Then we walked over to this little cement wall where we sat and talked back on our first date... and he said, "now we can open the blue packages. And.... Amy, I know you hate throwing paper on the ground but we're going to just this one time, and then we can pick it up after we're done if you want." :) So he opened the first 3 packages and inside were stacks of paper. He took them out and threw them on the ground one at a time as I read the word on the page that was written in ENGLISH. (things that are for me to know and you not to ;)) Then he said, "okay, now you can open the 4th package. I opened it, and it had four peices of paper in it. They said,
And he was on his knee in front of me and said, "te casarías conmigo?"
and I said,


Phil Burton-Cartledge said...

I don't know you cos I came to your blog randomly but congratulations!!!

AE said...

Thanks Phil!

Melissa said...

hey Amy!!!
congratulations =)
that is all very sweet and romantic hehe. I still can't wait to meet Claudio! I've been meaning to email you for like two weeks...but I haven't, because I'm horrible lol.
But I love you!!!!!!!!!

melandaaron said...

oh ams, that is such a sweet and romantic proposal, sounds like he put lots of thought into this. I am so so happy for you, because you seem like you are just so amazingly happy! Congratulations Amy!!!! Now if I can only figure out how to get over there and meet this Claudio, and actually see you get married! Yea!!!!

Ashley Brennan said...

Congratulations, sweet Amy! :) I have something special for you on my blog!

Kristin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The phone call was extra special. I am so happy for you, now I have to start looking for my ticket!!! I can't wait!!!

Matthew said...

Congratulations, Amy! Mary heard from someone(? maybe Christina) that this happened. The Lord provides. We're excited for you.