Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rebekah.... bballbek.... you haven't written much on your blog. What's up? you're not busy or anything right? I'm just kidding... I know your whole family has a lot on their plates.... I just wanted to give a "shout out" to you.... a personal note just for you on my blog!

How's the packing coming? :) Love you lots girly!!

your blogger buddy,


bballbek said...

thatnk u very much my blogger budy moving is coming our shipment went out wensday so well g2g wrap pressents lol ur blogger buddy

AE said...

oh but wrapping presents is so fun!:) that way there's more presents under the tree! :)... can't complain about that.

we had a pool party yesterday with a group of people from our church. We tried to invite some of our non-christian friends. Only one came, Mariano. He's our neighbor. You can pray for him.

anyways... have a good Sunday, Beks! Enjoy these days!


AE said...

beka, are you getting the comments i'm putting on your blog? they are suppose to be sent to your parent's e-mail. just wanted to be sure you were getting them because it can get discouraging if you write and post and nobody ever comments on your blog. so i just want to be sure you can read the comments.
your temporary sister,