Thursday, February 01, 2007

Job News!

Yesterday, just as we had decided to wait more upon the Lord in His provision for a job before we set a date for our wedding... that very afternoon we got a phone call from a company that we had left an on-line application with last thursday called. The company is called Action Line. He had his first phone interview yesterday and will have another interview this Friday at 12 in Córdoba. Please be praying that this job would meet our financial needs, that the schedules would be such that he would be able to either, get Sunday's off completely, or that he would at least be able to be at the morning or evening services, and pray that he would get the job. I know many of you are praying for us... and please continue. Thank you.

for Clau and I
February 2, 2007
His interview went great! Financially this job would be temendous for us! We're waiting for a phone call tomorrow!! and then... we're IN!
Pray that Claudio will have found favor in the eyes of the action line interviewers.
Thanks y'all!

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