Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Los Divo

I felt you guys needed an update.... something different to look at. And since this usually consumes at least one evening a week for Clau and sometimes I accomany him to their practices.... and always to their "gigs" I thought you'd like to see it. So here is Claudio's group that he plays for. They are called Los Divos.... they sing Josh Groban, Il Divo, Nella Fantasia (music by Sarah Brightman), Andrea Bocelli.... good stuff!!!!! Anyways... I think the best lookin' one of the group is the tall, dark, and hansome one playing the piano!!!! I'm his #1 fan! ENJOY!

These are a fun group of guys. Left to right: Andrés, David, and José (aka. El flaco) and then of course the most hansomest of them all... Claudio Molina. The newest addition to the group is a violinist, Pablo Nuñez, that couldn't make it for this practice. He's a great violinist and adds a lot to the group!

This is Amy Donell posting news for Eden's Rain... see y'all soon!
ps.... no news on the date.


Kristin said...

Think it's time for an update. How's your dad?

AE said...

yes... iknow... here it comes.