Thursday, March 01, 2007

So what's been going on around here? WELLL.... this past Wednesday we started a VBS based on the verses from John 14.6 "Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but through me." Tomorrow is our last day.... so please be praying for our final oppertunities through this VBS and that there would be continued contact with these families that we've been bringing.

Pray that there would be some lastiing relationships made with some of the adolescent kids that have been coming. The plan is to start this school year with an adolescent/youth reach out on Saturdays. The Lord, providencially has given us contact with a lot of 11,12, and 13 year olds. And it is at these ages that the world really begins to attack the young people with sex, drugs, alcohol, and just plain ol' hedenism (sp). "Live it up while your young!" It seems to be that there is a pass for any and every kind of sin as long as it was in your "young days". They are hearing lots of voices that draw them away from the tender voice of God that bids them to come and live for Him and some of those voices are their very parents encouraging them to "live it up". Not to mention their friends, their schools, pretty much everything, everywhere.

Please... be praying specific pray for Camila Jorquera. She has been in our home since she was 7 years old. She knows the Gospel and has heard it a million times over. She has a cousin who thinks that christianity is stupid and makes fun of it to her all the time. A mother who is not a believer and often encourages her to be a "normal girl", which usually means parting, dressing "sexy" etc...., and a father that hasn't been all that faithful to Lord or to her. She for some reason seems to enjoy spending time with Claudio, Me, Gimena, Vero, and Ivan (the molina kids).... so just pray that our time together would influence her to seek the Lord, and she would see the joy of following Christ through us. Pray that the Lord would speak to her heart this VBS. She is 12 years old. Thank you for your prayers.

mmm...what else..... Claudio and I bought some coaches!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!! as mom said.... we are now in DEBT! yeah! Last friday night I went on a little walk through down town while Claudio was in his Los Divo practice and found this furniture store that we both had forgotten about. We've looked all over to price coaches, chairs, tables, bed, matresses etc... in Cordoba and here in Carlos Paz. We had had a hard time finding anything we really liked and that was COMFORTABLE... i can't explain to you how UNcomfortable the majority of furniture is here. I took a gander through this one store... and found some great options on leather couches that were on sale for the month of February. SO Clau and I went back, checked 'em out, talked with the salesmen and then decided to buy two love seats in a chalk color (it's white, but not stark white... kind of like a pottary barn stone color ) and two ottomons also in the chalk color. The love seats were on sale for $680 pesos...which is about $225 dollars, and the ottomons were on sale for $100 pesos ($30 dollars)The love seats are actually fairly large for love seats. They fit 3 people comfortably. Clau, mom and I all sat on one together and we didn't feel like we had been squeezed in on them. We are super excited.... our first purches!
This is the closest thing I've found on-line. Our couches are the same color.... but the style of the arms are different and they're leather. Anyways......
The great thing about this store is that is a "fabrica" or a factory...which means at any point we can go back and add other peices to our set if we wanted to.

The great thing about this company too, is that it allows us to pay on it whenever and however much at a time we want to. Then, about 20 days before we actually want them delivered to our door we finish with our last payment and he makes the final order with ZERO interest! Pretty cool and great for us to build some local credit. SO.... that's a big news for Clau and I. If I can get some pictures I will.... you may just have to wait to see the final product.

English classes will be beginning this next Teusday. As of right now I have 7 students... and a possibility of some more. I'm really excited about that. They will be on Teusdays and Thursdays from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock.....

American English
Discovering culture and language

So I think that's about it for around here......
love to hear from you guys!
AE (amy elise)


Kristin said...

Well congratulations on your purchase, although I am a little offended that you didn't consult your interior designer before purchasing. : )!!! Sounds like everything is going well! How's your dad? Any wedding update info?

AE said...

i think i would have really enjoyed interior design actually, Kristin! I've been reading from Martha Stewart and Pottary Barn on-line... i'm going for a Pottary Barn look.... however pottary barn tends to go with nuetral through out their living areas with some splashes (accents) of color. I think I'm going to go with either dark red, a dark green, or a brownish color on the walls(depending on the light in the room) and red accents and black side tables and so forth. I'm holding out on the rest of the decorations to see WHERE we'll be living.
speaking of which... we've found some great places in the paper that are possibilities. There was a time we thought it would be impossible to find a place...summer time is a TERRIBLE time to look for an apartment/house to rent in a tourist town.
anyways.....we also found a job possibility... he's going in on Monday to "present himself" and give his resume. PRAY about that one!
my dad.... well...we're still in the narrowing down process. He's seeing a nuerologist this next week. He's had some other sypmtoms that are pointing some more serious we're still waiting to see. Pray for him.
so... wedding date... as soon as clau gets a job.... we'll probably have a date. just don't get pregnant too soon so that you can't come to the wedding. :)
love ya!