Friday, April 27, 2007


Here are a few news highlights:

- Dad is in the US.... 2 weeks left to go. He's in Arkansas right now visiting family.... But boy do we miss him here! He is irreplaceable! BUT I am so thankful that the Lord has provided for each of us this year to be able to visit the States. Dad has been able to go for these 3 weeks now. Mom and Ian will make the journey in July when little Phoebe comes. And I will be able to go in August for Christina and Ryan soon to be Szrama's wedding. I'm so thankful that the Lord has graciously provided those times. It really is amazing.

- Dad got a new digital camera... so I'll be able to send pictures and picture journal a little more on my blog! WOO HOO! Our other digital camera has been out for a LONG time and my other Canon uses film, which recently I've just been developing my pictures onto CD, which works, but costs more and takes more time.

- Clau and I decided to wait until October to get married so that Rachel, Aaron, Caleb, and Phoebe could all be there. We're still looking at dates, but hopefully it will be sometime at the beginning of October. We'll see, and I'll let y'all know. Please pray for us in that area, for a job, for patience, and understanding of the many different opinions that each person has and for the Lord to make things as plain to us as He did the choosing of eachother.

- English classes have been going well. I've added 3 new students this month for individual classes, which has been a blessing for me.

- The Sunday School teaching of the adolecent kids has been going well. I've had some great oppertunities to lay out the Gospel and its beautiful and scandelous story. I feel like the kids walk away each time with a new piece to the puzzle, but they are still trying to fit it all together. Please pray for the illuminating light of the Spirit to give them understanding and faith.

- Clau has begun going to a new art class on Monday nights. He's hoping to refine a few of his skills. On the first day of classes everyone pulled out some of their work and Clau looked around and thought... maybe this isn't the class for me. (he was a much farther advanced student) The Teacher looked at his work and said, "wow, you're good. Have you ever shown any of your work to anybody?" ha ha ha, we said... OF COURSE!

Clau has a meeting with a well known artist friend, Oscar Chichoni ( for some of you i know that name means nothing, but as reference for the kind of artist he is: he was asked to work on the Lord of the Rings movie, and is working some with Disney right now, this week. He is an Argentine that is living in London, England right now and every time he comes "home" he meets with Clau and a few other guys to "talk art" together. Please pray for that oppertunity. Chichoni has been working with these guys, giving them instructive criticism for a while and I think is willing to recommend them as soon as he thinks they are ready. I think his aim is to develope them to that end.... and besides that... they just enjoy eachother's friendship together. ANYWAYS.... pray about that this week.

Clau and I have often thought, it is the Lord's providence that allows Claudio to know someone with such connections in the art world.... not everyone has those kinds of oppertunities. Only God could orechestrate such providences.
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