Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Registry @ B3

Well, Clau and I realized that we were born in totally different decades yesterday. Yes, I know. You would think, "gosh, didn't you realize that before!" And obviously we have, but on a rare occasion does it really come up except for in old pictures, music and styles (clothing, home decor etc...). He always says, " I love the 80's so much I decided to marry a girl from the 80's." :) That's ME! 1984. And I say...well I liked the 70's so that's why I'm gonna marry a man from the 70's! 1974, that would be "CL" (as we all affectionately call him).

We have been doing some registry online with Bed Bath and Beyond these past couple of days.... and in our preferences of things he always leaned towards the 80ish type things... and I more towards the modern. Somehow we found something that we both liked, Thankfully, and that was easy on the traveling end of things. :) Here are some samples:
This is a rug we finally decided on. I think it will pull in reds quite nicely with our white coaches and maybe dark brown walls or a brown/greyish color...we'll see. That all depends on the place we end up renting.

These are our dishes we chose. They're a Mikasa swirl black, I think they are so cool and versitile! Mom and Rachel had to convince me to go with a better brand that I could always replace peices with over time. I was ready to go with a every day Target dish..... anyways, this is what we ended up choosing.

These are our place mat choices. We're going with reds, greens, and blacks.


Kristin said...

This is so exciting! I love the dishes and the rug! I had so much fun registering for all our stuff!

Melissa said...

haha those dishes so look like you! i think your house will be amazing. =)