Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chichoni and Art

well.... yesterday Clau got together with Oscar Chichoni as well as 4 other artist friends. They spent 6 hours together enjoying one another's company, art, and taking in everything they possibly could. It went really well. Chichoni's visit here in Argentina is going to be an extended stay(a couple of months).... so they are going to get to meet again individually and then all together for an ASADO at the Molina's house. That's when I get to meet him! Anyways... please continue to pray for those conversations and oppertunities on a professional level for Clau.
Now, for all you philosophers out there.... I want your opinion ....
what is art?
I know you Furmanites have an "answer"!!!!! Lastnight Clau got a dosage of philosophy of art... and realised that his perspectives and approach towards art, as a Christian, is quite different than Chichoni's and the 4 other guys. It was an eye opener for him.... they discussed this question some... and we did too, after he came home lastnight. So what are some of your thoughts?

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