Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fono Bus Interview Update

The interview went really well. He's past the first two with flying colors. The first two interviews were mainly psychological evaluations. Is Claudio a stable person? Are the people he lives around stable people? What are his ethical work standards? what is his life situation? etc...... The lady that gave him the interview that is functioning as a middle man, will now pass all the information on to Fono Bus. They, then, call whomever they feel would be appropriate for the job. If they call him, he will take a driving test... which we're not worried about... as Claudio is an excellent driver with no accidents or tickets on record. And as long as he passes the final driving exam, HE IS IN! Please pray that they would have Claudio as an employee. It really is in the hands of our Mighty and GOOD God, and we are trusting Him for his direction, provision, and goodness in our lives. Thank you for your prayers...they have been and are being heard.
resting in Jesus,

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