Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ceremony and Reception Site Pictures

I hope this gives you an idea of the place. It's called, the Motonautico. Enjoy!

this is a possible location for having it ouside, with the view of the lake! (above)
this is the view from the parking lot when you first drive up (below)
this is the inside of the "parlor" depending on the day we might have to have it inside, but if we have a rainy or cold day, it will be inside. (below)

This is the view from the stairway into the building. The pool is empty now, but will be full come October. (above)


melandaaron said...

Looks great Amy, I know you will be so beautiful! I so wish I could be there!

bballbek said...

YEAH!, Amy how are you doing? Havint talk in a while.Thank you for your comment on my blog. FYI you spell tokyo "tokyo" lol just to let you know you spelled it tokeyo. lol thats ok though i just learned lol.

hope you are having a good time in Argentina with your fam and Clau.
love in Christ bekah.¥

Leslie Anne said...

Hey Amy- Wow that looks so pretty! I'm sure it will be beautiful. I still can't believe we are getting married so close to the same day! Congratulations of finalizing things! My mom was in Florida visiting 2 weeks ago and we finalized the cake and flowers-So much fun! I like your colors too- Mine are a red and burnt orange. We must still have a lot in common! Take Care!
-Leslie W