Thursday, June 07, 2007

Claudio's Job Update

Many of you have asked about Clau's job. Things are going well, we've gotten new scripts sent to us, so it looks like he'll be starting as soon as he gets back from his trip in Buenos Aires (he's there with dad at a pastor's conference...)
Claudio and his point guy, Lawrence, keep on trying to get in touch to talk more "details"... code for MONEY... but with a 3 hour difference (Lawrence lives in Utah), we keep on missing eachother. So this week, we're going to put a time and day and have a pow wow.

We are just so thankful that the Lord has provided this job. It is truely like a dream come true... claudio has always wanted to draw for comics and actually get paid for it... the Lord is so kind! Ultimately, Claudio would like to work in movie story board drawing... he's got a contact (Oscar Chichoni... see previous blogs) into Hollywood, Disney, Europe etc.... so that maybe a real possibility in the future as he developes. But this job will be a wonderful stepping stone to getting his art work published and out there. It'll look good on his resumé.

anyways............ other side note I would like to draw attention to.... I have added a new link on the right side tool bar.... to a blog that you all should read... It is Rebekah Osborne's blog.... I hope you enjoy it!!!

grace and peace to all,

amy d.

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