Friday, June 22, 2007

Violations of the Law By Ian Donell

1. Do not make fun of people.
2. no kneas on the table.
3. no elbous on the table.
4. no hitting the dogs.
5. don´t spit.
6. Don't be nosey in privite conversations.
7. Don't jump on the tramplin with your shoes.
8. Use all of the soaps when showering.
9. Don't throw things at your mom
10. Do all of homework before you do anything else.
11. Don't shout
12. Don't watch moves that are not permited.
13. Only be on the computer for more than 1 hour.
14. Knock on doors before entering
15. Don't lie.
16. Don't cheat in games.
17. Don't provoke other people.
18. Say thanks to the person who made dinner
19. Don't litter
20. Don't think ill of other people.


Kristen Hatfield said...

I love it! I'm telling you, you all have high standards here. At least Ian does =).

AE said...

no joke.... but isn't that just hilarious! "you must use all soaps when showering" that means for him, body soap AND shampoo.... it is so funny because that is life according to a 10 year old boy! isn't it?! lol... we got a good crack out of them.

bballbek said...

That is really funny. That sure does sound like Ian. lol .. Tell the fam I said "hi"..