Monday, July 02, 2007

latest news

here's something new for those of you that are getting bord with what is on my blog... sorry I haven't updated in a while. Between ESL classes at night, wedding planning, apartment hunting, and job stuff with Clau...things have been busy.
Church wise there is some wonderful things happening. We've seen the Gospel take affect in many people's lives... and are waiting for it's fruits. Pray for Manny, Matias, Sebastian, Pamela, Gabriela... and a family of 8 kids and their parents, Leti and Marcelo.... their family attended church this past sunday...which was an amazingly sweet testimony of really WANTING to be there.... she had prepared the kids clothes 3 days in advance, gotten up at 6am to bath and dress all the kids.... and herself... and were there EARLY! SO.... pray for them.

Some GREAT AMAZING WONDERFUL BLOW YOUR MIND NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As of January 2008 Argentina is going to be put BACK ON THE VISA WAVER PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other words..... Argentines can get into the UNITED STATES without a visa... and just a passport! They were taken off in 2002 when Argentina had their economic crisis...and they had a huge flux of immigration from Argentina, so they took them off the visa waver program.... now that Argentina is stabelized economically.... they are going back on the US program. PRAISE THE LORD! SO..... Claudio and I are saving and making plans for a trip in March ... maybe April of 2008 to visit! It's wonderful too, because with his new job, that is mobil... we could potentially stay for the maximum of 3 months, he not take any vacation days.... and enjoy my family and home town!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COOL! Please continue to pray for all of those things though..... the Lord is so kind..... incredibly amazingly, good.

So those are the biggest news that's going on here. I'll write more later....we're having problems with our internet.... so until next time.



home said...

Thanks for the updates. We pray for all of you and the families. What amazing ways the Lord is working!! We hate to wait until March or April, though, to have you and Claudio here. However, Lord willing, we will see you in October! Will you send Kristen home or kidnap her? :) We miss her - and you all.

home said...
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home said...

OOPS - from the Hatfields :)

melandaaron said...

That would be so great to see you! Sounds like things are wonderful there! By the way, I love your tree eclipse pic!