Friday, July 20, 2007

Feliz Dia del Amigo!

I've titled this.... " Love's Embrace" it has to be one of my favorite pictures of my mother! So characteristic of her... and how she expresses the free, unconditional, and compassionate love of God!
Today is "Friend's Day".... big time celebration in Argentina... so to all my friends out there.... " Happy Friend's Day!" I hope that you know the free and all encompassing love of God today! It is free... it is vast... and it is ever abundant!!! (Psalm 103: 1-4) Have a great day!

your friend,


Kristen Hatfield said...

Amy, I LOVE this picture of your mom and Orianna. It is so characteristic of your Mom's warm love and little Orianna's unconditional love. Also..I hope Clau had a great birthday!

melandaaron said...

I love this picture amy! i was able to see your mom yesterday at church it was nice! You are so great at capturing peoples essence in photgraphs! So when wil lyou be in the states? I want to see you

AE said...

I arrive August the 10th at 12pm... and the church is giving Claudio and I a shower on August 10th... at the Hatfield's house...Lytle Court... why don't you COME! I'm only going to be in town for about 10 days... and priority is Christina's wedding .... are you going??? I'd love to see you there too!
besos y abrazos,

melandaaron said...

I know I saw it in the bulletin, how exciting! We will definitely try and make it, I know we are going to Christinas wedding. CAnt wait to see you and finally meet Claudio