Thursday, July 19, 2007

so... the snow is gone... and the sun is out... and it's gotten warmer down here.
- We've had a visitor from New Zealand, Nathan Sinclair.
-ESL classes are coming to an end.... which is a relief... and yet it has brought about so many wonderful oppertunities. Exciting contacts and it's exciting to see what the Lord is doing and how HE is working in the lives of some of the young people we've met, that are previously mentioned in other entries.
- Mom is in the US of A.... still waiting on baby Phoebe. In th mean time... we're trying to get some things from the States for our wedding. English invitations out etc....
- Wedding plans.... are coming. Daily communication with mom has been vital. I've been working on the program and trying to get our invitations printed.... sometimes WORD just isn't worth using... it messes everything up.
- And we're trying to work a way around a swimming pool in construction. The pool at the ceremony/reception site will be in the process of being fixed (or at least they can't promise anything different)..... so that's been a bummer... because it's going to bring everything INSIDE...which we were hoping to have the ceremony outside. BUT... hey the Lord knows.
Sunset at 7:21pm and our ceremony will begin at 7:30pm..... pretty cool.
- Sunday is CLAUDIO'S BIRHTDAY..... 33 years old .....i'll get some pictures from that!

so no pictures..... sorry.... but I'm about to get some back today...... until next time!

amy elise


Kristin said...

Yes Lady Bugs is the theme! I even found the curtains to go with it!

Kristen Hatfield said...

Amy, Hey, I updated for you. The pace of life is so busy here. With working full time this week, I've hardly had time to do anything else. Forget "resting" and "adjusting" back to the culture. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks, Kristen

Lydia said...

Clau has the same Bday as JO??!?! Cool. It's the big 21 for Jo. Can't wait to see you so so soon!

AE said...

yepo!!! Jo and Claudio have the same Birthday.

and Melissa Roberts has the same birthday as his sister, Veronica!!

crazy huh?!

I did forget that it was going to be the big 21 for Joanna... i can't beleive it! wow...

love ya lots lydia...can't wait to see you!