Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Fly" Sarah Groves

Speak in a summer tone
Pause in the after glow
Tenderly whisper my name
Tell me once again why I am your bride
So I can fly
So I can fly

Pause in your busy day
Look extra long my way
Wink at me across the room
Kiss me longer
Touch my arm when I am by your side
So I can fly
So I can fly

Oh how the little things
Strengthen my tiny wings
Help me to take on the world
When you love me there's nothing
I wouldn't try
I might even fly
I might even fly
I might even fly


melandaaron said...

This is such a precious picture.... I am really excited about seeing you! Would you still be interested in doing some belly shots for us, I know you will be busy and I did not know if you would have time. We would love for you to finally be able to take our pictures though~ that would be wonderful
by the way phoebe is beautiful

AE said...

i Could... it would have to be in Greenville though... you could come to Rachel and Aaron's house... From the 16th to the 18th I'm busy with Wedding stuff... could you do it during the week? let mek know... we'll try and figure somethin' out!

i can't wait to see Phoebe....arg... soon. Hugs and kisses!!


melandaaron said...

We could come to Greenville , I just dont know if we could come during the week. I know we are going to come the weekend of the 12th , I am having a baby shower that Sunday and you are so invited:) I am hoping we can come that Friday for your shower but I am not sure yet. And we are planning on being ther for Christinas wedding, but I know you will be busy, maybe that Sunday. You just let me know what is best for you! I am just excited about seeing you, I have missed you!