Friday, August 03, 2007

goodnews and celebrations!

Good news: Through paper work, translated Birth Certificates, and long lines..... We have our civil ceremony date for October the 4th, 2007 11:oo am!!!!! WAHOO!


you're 23!

our birthdays 2 years ago


Lydia said...

Thank you!!! I had a Wonderful birthday! I missed you at the party though. At least we'll get to celebrate yours together. I think you're gonna like 23, it's nice so far.

AE said...

oh really!... can't wait then! I think getting married at 23 will be pretty nice!! i think that will definantly be a plus about being 23! :)

Claudio and I both wish we could have been there....we hate missing things like this! love you... and I"ll see you soon!


Kristin said...

During the week will be fine, it would just have to be after 5 or whenever I get off work. I don't know if you had plans already for Saturday evening, I'm going to a wedding at 2 but the evening is free. If that still doesn't work, we can plan it during the week. I'm pretty flexible at least with my plans, not really with my body any more : )Love you so much!! Can't wait to see you!!!